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Community Requests

Rachel is requesting
Grant Cardone's Rebuttal Book
I'm looking for Grant Cardone's rebuttal book. Someone once gave it to me and I am needing to find it again. If you have the rebuttal book please send it to me. I could really use it. My husband's ...

This is an amazing way to barter. This also helps me to network with people in different places around the world. I feel that SImbi is a place where people can come together and really help out one...
Alison is requesting
Ukulele/Voice lessons
Hello community. I am trying to learn to play the ukulele. I just have some basic chords and would love a teacher. Thanks! If we are able to sync up, we can negotiate. I'm thinking weekly would be ...

This looks like the timebanking platform I've been dreaming of! Easy to use, nice looking, open.
Aaron is requesting
Business Plans
I have multiple companies that are being formed currently and each one needs a business plan to be created. 1. SDTAT 2. That Computer Guy LLC 3. Hope For Change Those are the names of the ...

III love the entire idea of simbi and it's community, look forward to making new connections.
Aaron is requesting
Business Powerpoint
Looking for someone to create a PowerPoint pitch for one of my companies. Have a trucking company that's looking to get more funding for the new Tesla semis. So looking for someone to create a ...

III love the entire idea of simbi and it's community, look forward to making new connections.
Terry is requesting
Learning Simbi
Please help me get to grips with Simbi

I hope I can reach more people to help
Alwin is requesting
Join Amateur Radio Simbi Group
Come down to ham town!

Dallas is requesting
Cloth Wipes - Un paper Towels
Seeking someone to make me some un paper towels Please quote me a price that includes shipping. Thanks

Mariana is requesting
Tutor LMS/EDD Wordpress coaching
I'm looking for help setting up the sales process for a course using Tutor LMS and the Easy Digital Downloads plugin on WordPress. My course is finished and ready to go, but when I attempt to purch...

I absolutely love bartering and think it's an excellent way to build community. I was a founding member of a bartering group in Kingston; however, the group disbanded after 2 years in operation. I...
Meag is requesting
Proof reading salary spreadsheets
I'm looking for help with checking my math for a yearly salary. I have four employees that I need this done for. I run a small outdoor nature school and each employee has a spreadsheet that break...

I love systems that take money out of the equation. There is more life with barters and trades.
Graphene is requesting
Find Me A #Number! Help
Calling all sleuths... I need help finding a phone number for a friend. An old friend of mine worked for instacart and now needs their internal (back office) phone number to obtain necessary docu...

I enjoy the open nature of Simbi, a vibe of giving and receiving, of growing... community.
TanIa is requesting
Zoom Games and Activities
I'm looking for recommendations for games, quizzes or activities that can be easily incorporated into a Zoom meeting for team building. I would prefer recommendations that are FREE platforms or ide...

I want to tap into the under utilised abundance of skills and resources in my communities .
Dallas is requesting
Spiritual Conscious Graphic Design
Seeking spiritual, conscious, awake spiritual graphic designer / illustrator. I have 2-3 tshirts I'd like designed (and possibly more work, paid or in exchange for spiritual growth/healing mater...

Simbi is requesting
Suggest an improvement for Simbi
Simbi is always looking for talented people to contribute to the development of our platform! If you've ever used Simbi and thought to yourself "I see something wrong, and I have an idea to fix it...

Possibility is prosperity
Live Well Tasmania is requesting
Art for All Abilities
We are creating a community farm with a walking track into an adjoining regrowth forest area and are wanting to make our space accessible for all abilities. eg. wide tracks and paths to allow for ...

Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community.
Live Well Tasmania is requesting
Outdoor art scupture ideas
We are looking for ideas/advice to create EASY but aesthetically pleasing outdoor art installations in a natural forest environment using recycled materials that can be created by inexperienced cre...

Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community.
Lindsey is requesting
Concept Rendering/Landscape design
Hi there, I am hoping for a quick turn around (1-3 days) for 1-3 images that depict the final vision of a glamping site. We are in the process of developing this site but want to presell nights ...

Foreign Tourists Image Bank is requesting
We need someone to resize photos
Our website attempts to add new photo content as frequently as possible but but could use some help with more man/woman power to make the process quicker. We will send you a list of photo files tha...

There are a lot of people, small businesses, community groups, schools and the like that have limited resources and can't afford to hire photographers or even pay a lot for stock photos. This helps...
Amie is requesting
I would love to be able to take a week-long vacation in the summer without losing my garden to the heat - so I'm looking for someone to water and maintain my 10' x 20' community garden plot while I...

I'd love to see simbi-on-blockchain as an example of crypto for the greater good